3 teens caught on camera walking towards a homeless man; their next move put them in headlines

Not something you see in headlines every day.

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  • The three teenagers you're about to see in this video are Szymon, Wojtek and Marcin of Nysa, Poland. The trio is seen walking (with purpose, I might add) towards some benches downtown, unaware they're being filmed by nearby security cameras.

  • They reach their destination, where a homeless man is sleeping. Watch what happens next:

  • The boys had reportedly previously met the man who asked them for a blanket. They set out to find one for him and eventually stumbled upon someone throwing out clean but old furniture where they managed to snag the blanket.

  • Without batting an eye they unfold their gift, lay it over their sleeping target (who briefly stirs) and then head back the same way they came.

  • Once the Good Samaritans were identified, they were praised and rewarded by the mayor of Nysa for their show of compassion.

  • It's great to see a group of teenagers out doing good in the world. Well done, boys!

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